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Superhumid is a creative studio run
by Virginia Walcott specializing in
design, film, and illustration.

Bloomberg Citylab
I teamed up with Studio Sonic out of Washington, D.C. to create a series of custom animations for Bloomberg's virtual Citylab. Using abstracted shapes and textures reminiscent of cities and community, I made this seven-second sequence to stream during breaks and transitions in the program.

Motion Graphics

The Atlantic's Education Summit
An annual, full-day event on the state of our education system. I extended the event branding across set design, environmental design, student art exhibits, and a yearbook-inspired interactive installation. 

Set Design

Graphic Design & Illustration 

Scalawag Magazine
As one of two Visual Editors, I create story art, infographics, and editorial illustrations while working on the magazine's overall look and feel.

Graphic Design & Illustration